About our products

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As our final goal is a Noble Salami, is very important to use the best ingredients. That is why for our products we use only carefully selected meats and natural flavourings and spices.
The maturation process for our products takes from 1 to 4 months. This is why we can proudly say that every product is carrying also a piece from our heart.
We have produced and sold dry cured products for more then 100 years.
And we have found out that we achieve the best results, if we carefully monitories the temperature, humidity and the intensity of the air flow every day, until each of our products are ready to be sold.
The mountain air, the pleasant scent of evergreens,the flavour of smoke coming from hardwood and our passion are reunited to offer you a permanent gift, the guaranteed quality of Romanian original dry products.
  • Products with mould and without mould
  • Pleasant, specific for dry cured meat products, without foreign taste and odour
  • This products is consumed as such, it does not require boiling, frying or other heat treatments
  • The smoking it is made with hardwood
  • Packed in perforated film, non-adhesive to the product or vacuumed in PVC bags.
  • Transported with isothermal vehicles which ensure a temperature 0…+14°C.
We are very well represented by our own network of Angst Supermarkets, but we also have good referrals from our partners, key accounts players, like: Metro, Cash&Carry, Carrefour, Selgros Cash&Carry, Kaufland,Lidl, but also our gourmet shops partners or within the HORECA sector.